Patient Scheduling and Routing Specialist (PSRS)

Job Title:

Patient Scheduling and Routing Specialist (PSRS)


As a vital part of the Patient Care Team, the Patient Scheduling and Routing Specialist (PSRS) will represent Agility Medical Group, and act as a direct contact for patients who are in need items ordered by physicians. They will use their knowledge and expertise to contact patients to schedule appointments and set appropriate routes for the Patient Care Representatives to address those appointments.


Patient Care Team



Reports to:

Patient Care Representative Manager

Summary of Duties:

The PSRS works in an office setting that is conductive to conducting phone calls, utilizing technology to manage information, and communicating across multiple teams. The PSRS will be responsible for communicating with patients, creating, and distributing daily PCR schedules, and reconciling paperwork each day ensuring accurate and appropriate work.

The PSRS will be responsible from obtaining full and complete orders from the administration team and contacting patients about received orders. The PSRS will disclose ECP information to those patients and the expected upfront payment amounts for those orders. The PSRS will schedule times for measurement, fitting, pick up, etc. and the initial point of contact. The PSRS will be responsible for maintaining schedules for the PCR’s daily and distributing those each day.  The PSRS will be responsible to adding on the fly additions to the PCR daily schedule and communicating to all affected parties, both PCR and patients. The PSRS will be responsible for reconciling paperwork turned in by the PCR with the daily schedule distributed to them daily.

Weighted Key Accountabilities:

  1. 40% communication with patients: Scheduling and discussing ECP.
  2. 30% Schedule/Route/Document management
  3. 10% Communication with Administration team, Sales team, PCR Manager, and other providers to assure any changes to the schedule, new orders, complaints, or questions are addressed in a timely and professional manner in accordance with the policies, procedures, and core character values to achieve the highest professionalism required by Agility Medical Group.
  4. 5% Compile correct patient information packets including: Demographics, clinic notes, physician signatures, and additional items specific paperwork that adheres to compliance standards
  5. 5% Maintain all records and logs in a legible and orderly manner that follows all policies and procedures. Including reporting of any breaches in a timely and orderly manner.
  6. 5% Active participation of team meetings, company meetings, and educational opportunities timely and consistently.
  7. 5% Performs other job duties within the scope of knowledge and expertise required for this position willingly as needed and requested by the PCR Manager or another Administrative Team member.

Minimum Certifications/Skills:

Intermediate skill level in computer knowledge

Intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Office

Willingness to learn new software

Willingness to utilize phone technologies

Minimum Education and Experience

High school Educations or GED equivalent

Physical Requirements:

Must be able to sit for extended periods of time

Must be able to speak on the phone multiple times and duration’s throughout the day

Job Function:

The Job functions are noted above as those key accountabilities requiring a least 20% of the Team Members time, while Secondary job functions will include those requiring less than 20% of the Team Members time in any given work day.